Month: August 2019

Climate Change, Agriculture and Regeneration

The Economic Argument The value of the agricultural sector in 2017-2018 in Australia was $59 billion. It is expected to reach $60 billion in 2020, with the National Farmers Federation aiming for a $100 billion industry by 2030—based on the assumptions of modern industrial agricultural practices that include extensive use of irrigation, application of chemical [...]
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Quotes for August—Focus on Aboriginal Rights: Lorraine Shannon

THE FIGHT FOR A VOICE TO PARLIAMENT It seems appropriate with the 2019 Garma festival having just finished and the Government’s intransigent attitude towards the Aboriginal Statement from the Heart to offer quotes from Political Theory and the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, edited by Duncan Ivison, Paul Patton and Will Sanders. Published by Cambridge University [...]
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Earth Healers—A Blue Mountains Community of Practice – Victoria Walker

BECOME A MEMBER OF THE BLUE MOUNTAINS EARTH HEALERS The Earth Healers—a community of practice will commence in early August and meet monthly out of business hours. Anyone interested in taking part please contact me at There is a voluntary $5 donation per session. CLIMATE GRIEVING There are increasing signs from scientists and meteorologists [...]
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